May 28, 2019

Wedding Reception Videos

Very recenly, my wife and I got married at the Hotel Nikko in Narita, Japan. It was an unforgettable experience and we enjoyed every second of it. There were tons of highlights, but one (or four) that I am particularly proud of are a set of wedding reception videos that I created for the occasion.

You can see the full playlist of these videos here: #

And our official wedding website here: #

What I Used

All of these videos were shot using my iPhone 7 (2 versions behind!?!?!) along with the following accessories:

In terms of software for editing, I used the following applications:

Finally, all music was royalty free from YouTube: #

HoneyPie Wedding Bands

Image of my wife and I with our new rings

Video Link: #

The making of our wedding bands was such a cool and rewarding experience! We were very fortunate to find the ring-making shop in Kamakura and were lucky they allowed us to record the entire experience. Making the video pretty straightforward, using primarily the tripod to capture all of our hard work. This was actually my first time toying with the fast-forward effect while editing.

Leaf's Big Day

Image of Leaf

Video Link: #

This video, played right before we joined everyone for the reception, was the most challenging to make (mostly because it involved getting my dog Leaf to actually listen). But in the end, I got it done with lots of patience and dog treats. My wife and I went to various parts of Tokyo, Kawasaki, and Chiba and tried to capture our gooboye in as many different types of shots as he would do. The idea of putting this together into a story came about midway through our first day of shooting when I realized we had been slowly making our way further and further from home. The rest sort of followed from that.

HoneyPie Reception Video

Image of Little Leo and Finn

Video Link: #

This was the primary video played about halfway through our reception, just before we re-entered the banquet hall after a quick outfit change. We really wanted to emphasize to our guests that as much as our wedding was about us, it was also about the ones that we love. Our goal was to get some of the people we were closest to and feature them in the video. The challenge here was our closest friends are located in so many different parts of the world. As a result, shooting for this video happened over the course of about half a year.

HoneyPie Reception Ending Roll

Image of Kana and Little Haru

Video Link: #

The final video played during our reception. This one played as guests departed from the banquet hall. During the shooting for the main reception video we asked people to include a message to the bride and groom. These messages, alongside some bloopers from all of our footage made up the ending roll.


I have worked on video projects in the past, but always as part of a team. This was really my first time to take on every part of the video-making process. And it was actually very fun, not to mention rewarding. Lots of our guests mentioned they complimented the entire wedding very well and sort of added to our subtle message that the wedding was about all of the ones we loved coming together, so I was very happy about that. There is still lots of room for improvement though, so I intend to keep making videos whenever I can to see how far I can go with it.

Thanks a ton for watching, and of course, if you have any feedback feel free to let me know!