May 27, 2019

Up and Running with Gatsby

Hey y'all!

Welcome to my official blog built with Gatsby. For quite some time I've been wanting to build a simple and lightweight site from which I could share all of the things I have been learning about web development, and to serve as a sort of focal point for all of my personal web projects. I had heard Gatsby offered just this type of solution based on React, so I thought I'd give it a try. The result is blog.rzmy; just the simple and lightweight solution I had been looking for.

Not a Tutorial

I won't be talking about how blog.rzmy was built as there are already a ton of tutorials covering this, almost all of which are much more thorough than I could ever be. That said, you can find the repository for the site here: #

Feel free to clone and repurpose as you see fit! And of course if you have any feedback about anything, feel free to hit me up.

Out of the Box

Cloning the repository mentioned above, you will end up with a Gatsby site which pulls data from markdown files locaed in src/pages/*/*.md. Running gatsby build pulls post data from these files and generates a series of HTML, CSS, and Javascript files in the public directory.

I've created a separate github repository to house these files and synced this repository using Netlify where is hosted.

In the end, the process of adding posts looks like this:

  1. After writing up a nifty blog post, create a directory in src/pages/ with the following format: YYYY-MM-DD-some-title
  2. Create a .md file in this new directory using the same title in step 1 without the date information:
  3. Add meta information to top of this new .md file and move blog content over
  4. Run gatby build
  5. Commit and push changes in the public directory to github (master branch)
  6. Netlify takes care of updating things on

Code changes to the site are very similar: replace steps 1-3 with merging code changes from xyz feature branch to master, then continue from step 4.


The process of building was very rushed and obviously I am no pro, so there is a bunch to do. But my immediate goals are:

  • Find a solution for SEO (likely Helmet)
  • Create a simple logo
  • Using, bring together the ecosystem of my personal projects
  • Continue testing and having fun!

Thanks for reading!