Jun 05, 2019

New blog.rzmy Logo

I grew a bit tired of seeing the Gatsby favicon everytime I worked on the site, so I decided to tackle the logo item on my TODO list. I didn't want to spend a great deal of time on it though, as I've got a ton on my plate, so I kept things as simple as possible.

The Logo

Here is the completed logo (which should also be visible in the navbar assuming your browser supports SVG):

Image of the blog.rzmy logo

The Process

To simplify the process, I decided to use my rzmy domain as a starting point. I also wanted to come up with something simple, yet 'sleek'. What better way to accomplish this than to go with simple shapes? As you can see, the shape I chose was the triangle. It felt like a natural choice given the letters which make up the domain.

After nailing down the theme, all that was left was to sketch up some designs and bring them to life with Affinity Designer. After toying with some concepts I decided to go with the one above. Starting with a single triangle of base 75 and height 100, I cloned and resized one for each letter. Next, I made sure all bases and heights were multiples of 25 to maintain some sort of visual consistency. Finally, I had some fun with placement, approximating the shape of each letter, but also adding in some flare.

One thing I considered was adding a few thin lines to clearly outline each letter. Ultimately, this took away from the "sleekness" of the design, so I went with the more abstract version above. Playing with whitespace a bit, the hope is you can see a vague outline of my site name. And hopefully, even if you can't make out the name, its fun to look at.

Here is the logo again, this time with an outline to visualize the name:

Image of the blog.rzmy logo with outlines for visualization

What I Learned

Design has never been one of my strong points, so it's always fun for me to play with logos like this. From this particular project, I learned a bit about using whitespace as part of design. I also tried to play with the idea of balance. Of course I'm no picaso, and in terms of design there is a lot I need to learn.

On the more practical side of things, I recently made the switch from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer (because cash money) and spent some time customizing my workspace and figuring out how many of the features worked. I was surprised to find that Affinity is fairly comperable to Adobe, at least for how I use it. To top it all off, there is no more annoying Adobe Creative Cloud haunting my menu bar.

In the end, It was super fun working on this project, and now, I've got a nifty logo to show for it! Finally, no more Gatsby favicon when loading the site! Feel free to reach out and leave some feedback. I always appreciate tips and tricks or advice in general.

Thanks for reading!